jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

looks. fuck them . fuck you.

Well, Im not THAT ugly actually
But after thinking over and over
I ended up where I started.
Having a great personality gets you nowhere.
And that's true.
I know I DO have a fuckin great personality
I'm awesome, THAT I can guarantee.
But what does it matter when in the end it always
turns you into the "good friend" , the "best friend"?

As if that's all you're meant to be.

I know what you're thinking
"I prefer a personality than good looks"
You know that's just moral bullshit , you actually DO care about looks!

Trust me ,if someone knows how being changed for someone with "good looks" feels...
That'd be me.
I've lived that over and over for years
I've always been the girl that no one ever flirts with when she goes out, but I am the girl that guys come to because they wanna talk to her friend.
I'm the one that always gets the "hey , how about introducing me to your friend?" when someone else takes a look at my pictures.
I' m the one that gets overlooked ... all the time
And every once in a while you thinkyou'v found someone different
Someone with enough brains and guts to look beyond
But being as stupid as we are just because our mere human condition
They always end up saying or doing something that turns them into hypocrites
Just a few remain true (I can count them with my fingers and I'd still have some left)
Most of the time , they are as ugly and overlooked as you are.

And it hurts , and it breaks you eventually.

And I'm sick of it.

Do I have to act like a whore , or vomit everything I eat in order to have someone's attention?
I have to be dumb, selfish and empty
SO it seems.

I'm sick, sick of this.

But I won't change the way I am for a fake interest, nor love.
I'm way better than that.
Maybe (just maybe) someday someone will change my mind.

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