viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

The Birthday .

My dad's birthday was coming. I can still remember that day (clearly).
Mom said we should prepare a surprise.
She did my hair, and I remember that nice white & pink dress, with shoes that matched.
My brother , with a perfect hair and a small black tie.
My mom, beautiful, with a bright smile and hapinness filling every inch of her body.
We spent the whole afternoon baking the cake (it was his favorite) , preparing each and every detail. That's what surprises are all about, right?
Finally, the night came. The hours passed.
Dad came back from work, we turned the lights off and prepared the candles.
When he reached the kitchen's light switch, and the first particles of light reached our sight , we all said "Happy Birthday!" at the same time, as my dad stood there.
"Why don't you stop doing this, it's stupid, stop acting like idiots" he said .

Then he turned and went upstairs.
End of the story.

& today, you made me feel as miserable as that day.

Don't blame me for building my world, far ,far away.... from you.

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