martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

I'm violently happy.

I bare my cross, my soul, myself.

I forgive, but I never forget.

I’ve been put up on this earth in female form but I can handle myself with the best of you as well as the worst ;and I often have.

I’m the woman you choose not to see, I’m the mouth, the mind ,the muscle, and the misunderstood member, but without these writings there would be no message only spoken word.

I have nowhere to run ,and it is impossible for me to hide, if I wanted to leave I’d have left already, I guess that goes for you too, I’m unable to change , so I live without regret, without remorse, without a remix. Don’t bother attempting to censor me, or shut me up, cause it wont work.

I’m cold and distant , yet warm and close to those who deserve to see that side of me . I know exactly who I am and what I am .

I’m the bad girl behind brown eyes , the sad girl behind mean eyes, yet my motives are good, but as you know , I’m an angel, a devil, a lover, a fighter, both feminine and masculine , I’m a contradiction , and a juxtaposition.

You tell me what I shouldn’t do , I do it anyway. Although I don’t always listen to you , I always hear you .

I’m unloved, uncared for and unseen , although you refuse to look at me everyday ; I don’t want your pity. You refuse to bring me into light , so I remain in the dark, lonely , but never alone, alive but dead inside .

Violently happy.

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