martes, 11 de enero de 2011

Letter to someone

Dear Someone,

I loved you once upon a dream
and I followed you into that dream until I couldn’t find the light and I could no longer fight, and I lost all control…and that is when, I believe, this thing called love came about. I met it quickly and oh, so suddenly in that dream that I barely knew what had hit me. Now, as I look back on the time we shared that I cherished so, my mind is flooded by your memory…

I remember the kitchen and the hours we spent there, the nights sky and the fields and the crisp air off the seas and your fingers in my hair…I remember you; there, next to me.
I remember how I wrapped myself around you . And most of all…I remember my heart, and how it felt beside yours and how they seemed to beat as one, and all the while I remember thinking that it could never be done. You, me, our life together, our happiness.

What could shake it? I remember it so clearly as if it has only just begun. Or as if it was a dream I have only just woken from. All I know is I see you, everywhere. In my hair, in my clothes, in my bed, on my floor, on the sofa next to me at night, in my mind.

And that’s how I know you were real…I see you and I miss you. I miss you with such fervor that I feel as though I can’t take a deep enough breath. I want to move on but you're there, in every corner, every space. The life we loved, it’s all there. I want to walk away into the lonely abyss and leave your memory behind but I see now that’s not an option, it never was.

My only option is you, is us…and my only way of visiting that is in my dreams.
I’ll love you always and forever and miss you even longer .

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