viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Head full of clouds.

We had our head full of clouds
I had my heart full of you
Our dreams passed by
as every sunset died
We though't we'd be eternal
Like the moon in the sky
Like the forms of the clouds
You held the strings to my heart
And moved them with your fingers
Like the wind moved the grass

We had our heads full of clouds
Our glasses empty
Our tables empty
But our heads full of clouds
We are but two loners
wandering in this fields
with the surrealism
of our pure hearts

What we have won't die
Like the clouds
We can clash
We can change
But we're still the same

Two beings in a never ending change
trasmutating in white clouds

We might be crazy
We might be in love
We might be apart

But we'll always have our heads full of clouds.

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